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When you fill in our free, no obligation scrap car quote form, or call us directly, you will hear back from one of our scrap car valuators, who will give you a quote on how much your scrap car in Hillfields is worth. If you are satisfied with the quote offered, then one of our Hillfields drivers will arrange for a pick up of the scrap car, arranging for a time that best suits your needs.

Hillfields Scrap Car Disposal

When you decide to scrap your car with us, then you can be assured that your scrap car is scrapped in an environmentally friendly manner. We aim to recycle as much as possible, sending only the minimal amount to land fills.

When scrapping your car with us, you can also ensure that your car has been scrapped legally, as we make sure that all of our Hillfields drivers are licensed waste carriers, making the whole process easy and legal! All of the legal documentation will also be completed by our drivers, keeping the process simple for yourself!

MoneyPayment For Your Hillfields Vehicle

As long as the details provided are accurate, once one of our Hillfields drivers picks up your scrap car, payment will usually be made through cheque or direct bank transfer, letting you receive your payment as soon as possible! With our payments made, we aim to keep our quotes reasonable, offering you a fair price for your scrap car.

Selling Your Vehicle In Hillfields

We have made the process of selling your scrap car in Hillfields as simple as possible!

1) Call us on 0800 002 9733 or fill in our free, no obligation quote form

2) Receive a call back from one of our Hillfields drivers, who will offer you a quote and arrange a pickup

3) Receive payment upon pickup!

Hillfields Car Scrappage Made Simple!